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January 7, 2019

July 24, 2018

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Investing in myself

June 16, 2016


Today I thought I would share some of the ways that I’m investing in myself during this journey. I’ve been taking time to really find “tools” that will help me feel more in control of my life. These things have been really useful for me and I’m happy to share with all of you. So let's get to it!

The best thing that has helped me to get back on track with life is my Passion Planner! I recently started using it and I feel so much better about where I’m headed in life. If you don't know what a Passion Planner is, it’s a planner that embraces you to go after your dreams! The purpose of it is to help you visualize your goals, dreams, and passions in life and achieve them! I highly recommend this awesome planner, it’s super cute and has quotes on every page that help you stay motivated each week. The price of the planners range from $25-$35 depending on which one you purchase. I bought the paradise blue planner and absolutely love it! I take it with me everywhere I go! 



I also took the time to look into books that would help guide me through my journey. I found two books that happen to be by the same author, Margaret Feinberg. What the Heck Am I Going to Do with My Life?  and TwentySomething have been great books for me during this time. Both books go hand in hand with one another and have helped open my eyes to where I’m supposed to be at this stage in my life. I’ve learned that I don’t need to have everything figured out and it’s okay to feel lost. I honestly couldn’t have found these two books at a better time in my life. I purchased both books for under $30 on These books are definitely must-reads if you find yourself lost or confused about the next step to take in your life.



I’ve been writing down my thoughts and tracking my progress on a daily basis in my notebook. Writing has become very therapeutic for me and I'm embracing it! I'm a big fan of notebooks in general, but when I saw this specific one I just had to have it! I couldn't pass up on this adorable BEE notebook! It's made by the company Blue Sky, but I purchased it at my local Walgreens store for under $10. 


Finally, I wanted to share that I’m seeing a therapist once a week and I’m not embarrassed to talk about it. Life happens and sometimes you need to take a step back and realize that getting professional help is perfectly okay. It helps being able to talk to a non-biased person to receive feedback and direction. It has really helped me this far and I definitely see a lot of change and improvement in myself. On my way to loving life and myself again! Positivity Only! Beeing happy one day at a time! 

If you have found any of my "tools" interesting or could be useful in your own life go ahead and click on the pictures to take you to the websites! 




love, Jess





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