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January 7, 2019

July 24, 2018

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New Year, New Me

January 2, 2017


Happy New Year everyone! What a feeling it is to know we all have a clean slate at the start of each new year. I know everyone says "new year, new me" but for me it really is. As many of you know, 2016 was a roller coaster of a year for me. I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. It was a hard reality to face; I felt like my world was going to end. Most of my year was spent accepting my diagnosis and learning how to live with it. Although depression and anxiety took over my life, I am grateful for the journey it has led me to. I turned my negative into a positive and created Beeing Jess! Which was the highlight of my year. I truly enjoy sharing my story with others because I know I'm making a difference. With that said, I'm ready to move on from 2016 and have an amazing 2017! 

 A new year comes with new goals. This will be the year that I take back my life. Depression was a big set back for me, but I'm slowly learning how to live life again. There are many goals I have set for myself that I can wait to accomplish this year. I will be running my first half marathon later this month, as well as my second LA marathon in March! Also, I plan on going back to school to achieve my MBA later this year. With each goal I set for myself I've learned to take it one day at a time. Not every goal has to be a big one. I have small goals that include making an effort to blog, read, hike, and travel more often. No matter how big or small a goal may be, accomplish it; you won't regret it! 

I encourage everyone to welcome 2017 with an open mind and heart. We live in a world where anything is possible, why not take advantage of that? Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Live everyday as your true authentic self! There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. Say goodbye to your past and hello to your future. 


"The authentic self is the soul made visible."

 love, Jess 



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