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January 7, 2019

July 24, 2018

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December 5, 2017



Last year, when I was at my lowest point in my depression I started to research spiritual retreats to go on. I was in desperate need of some spiritual healing and was hoping it would help me feel better. One of the places that kept popping up in my search was Sedona, Arizona. I fell in love the moment I saw all the pictures of the amazing red rocks. I begged my parents to send me there, but of course their answer was NO. Ever since then I've been wanting to go, just never made the time to do so. So when my boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with a trip to Sedona, I couldn't believe it! He knew how much I wanted to go and he made it happen! It meant the world to me. 


We flew out on Thursday night to Phoenix, Arizona and drove two hours to Sedona. Even in the dark Sedona is breathe taking. We drove through the desert under the night sky and stars that shined so bright. Waking up on my 25th birthday in Sedona was a dream come true. It was honestly the best gift ever. We had an awesome breakfast at the cutest cafe. Then went on a hike through the Red Rock State Park. Everywhere you look, the majestic red rocks surround you. You can really feel the powerful energy around you from the Vortex. It was so beautiful and peaceful.




made our way to Page, which is another 2 hours from the Grand Canyon.Saturday, we decided to take a road trip all over the state of Arizona. Our first stop was the Grand Canyon, which is about two hours from Sedona. My boyfriend had never been and the last time I went I was five, so it was a great experience for both of us. He kept saying, “no way this is real, it looks fake!" We walked the rim of the canyon in the freezing cold and explored the little towns nearby. The Grand Canyon is stunning. I think as you get older you start to appreciate experiences like this and realize that it's not just a big rock. After a great morning here, we 


Grand Canyon 



Our second stop was Horseshoe Bend. It was a pretty cool sight to see. Although, I didn't realize there would be some hiking involved to get to this awesome view and I was in boots! Oops! We went in the afternoon, which was a super busy time. So we couldn't really enjoy it the way we had hoped to. Nevertheless, it was still an amazing thing to see. We even saw people camping down there in tents! It's a must if you are in Arizona. 


 Horseshoe Bend


Our final stop on our road trip was Antelope Canyon. We had such an amazing experience here. We took a tour of the lower canyon and it was absolutely breathe taking. The tours are led by Native Americans, which I thought was really cool. Our tour guide was awesome, he taught us a lot about his culture and how the canyon was formed. It was such a magical experiencing being down there; seeing all the different colors. It's truly a beautiful thing when you feel one with the earth. 


Lower Antelope Canyon  

 Lower Antelope Canyon


We had such an eventful day filled with so many beautiful views. Being surrounded by nothing but nature is such a calming feeling. We enjoyed the beauty all around us on our three hour drive back to Sedona. We we're feeling really blessed after the amazing day we had. 

On our last full day in Sedona, we went on an awesome jeep tour with Pink Jeep Tours! I had never been off-roading before, and it was quite the adventure. We had a great tour guide who made the whole experience one to remember. We went off-roading on the Broke Arrow Trail, which had spectacular views. We spent the rest of the day walking around Sedona, enjoying the beautiful town one last time. 



Sedona is known for being a Vortex, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. It was such a healing experience for me. Waking up to such beautiful views brought a sense of calmness over me. I didn't have any anxiety the whole time we were there; it was an amazing feeling. I was so relaxed and calm during the whole trip. It was really nice to just reflect and feel all the energy that Sedona has. I definitely feel more at peace after this trip. My perspective and focus on life has changed for the better. I went to Sedona looking to find myself, and I did just that.


If you have the opportunity and are looking for a spiritual healing experience, visit beautiful Sedona. 


Things to check out in Arizona: 

Red Rock National Park

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Broken Arrow Trail 

Pink Jeep Tour 

Hideaway House

Red Rock Cafe

Grand Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon 


love, Jess 


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