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January 7, 2019

July 24, 2018

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July 24, 2018

What is my purpose? 


The concept of purpose is something that I have been struggling with a lot lately. I often find myself asking the same question over and over again: "Why am I here?"


You know you grow up, you go to school, then you find a job, get married, buy a house, have some kids and then life's over before you know it. But is this all I'm meant to do in life? I feel like I am capable of so much more than just an "average" life. I want more for myself, is that so wrong? We live in a world where you can literally be anything you want; the possibilities are endless. But, what path will lead me to my purpose? 

Finding my purpose in this world has been my main priority. Learning about myself. Finding myself. Understanding that I was put on this earth for a reason. I think so many people live their life and don't know why they are here. There is a purpose; everyone has a destiny to do great things. It's about finding your passion and believing in yourself.


Purpose goes hand in hand with passion. When you find your passion you find your purpose. But what stops us from living the lives we want is the fear of failure; the fears that society puts in our heads. How can I quit my job and pursue my passions when I need health insurance and have to worry about retirement and a 401K? You know, "adult" things I have to think about. I admire the people who are courageous enough to take that leap of faith and go after the life they want to live. 


To be honest, I find myself stuck in the same state of mind I was back in 2016. I am overwhelmed with anxiety from the thought of spending the rest of my life at a desk! Don't get me wrong, my job isn't bad, it's just not what I want to do forever. This 9-5 life is not for me! This might be shocking, but business is NOT my passion. If it were up to me I would be running with dogs all day while talking about mental health. Is that too much to ask for? To have a job that I love?


They say when you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. The happiest times of my life are when I am doing the things that I love. But how do I make a career out of running, dogs, and mental health? This is currently the journey I'm on right now, manifesting the life I want. I have to stop getting in my own way; I have to believe in myself. I am enough and I will succeed!

If you find yourself feeling the same way, know that you aren't alone. We're all trying to figure out our purpose in this world. When you are feeling lost ask yourself, "what's stopping me from living the life I want?" You have everything you need inside of you to create anything in your life that you desire. Don't give up; let your passion lead you to your purpose. 

"Believe you deserve it, and the universe will serve it."


love, Jess

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